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The show within the show “Quality Time” is a throwback to the idyllic family shows of the 80’s. Teaching moments abound as young Timmy and his distracted parents navigate through the familiar trials of their respective roles in modern society. But unbeknownst to his parents, Timmy also confides in his wheelchair-bound pet hamster, Sprig, and two stuffed animals, aloof Grant and dim-witted Kip, for alternative sources of personal comfort and advice.

But when the cameras stop rolling, everyone’s true colors blossom. And they’re not pretty. Their rambunctious and unpredictable behavior threatens to make negative headlines and derail the show, bringing the gravy train and everything that comes with it to a screeching halt. Will Sprig be able to keep everyone in line to earn another season? Will Timmy fall hard from the elevation of stardom? Will Grant and Kip hold up under their hard-partying ways? You’ll want to spend some quality time finding out...

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